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We love to build cool landscape structures from gazebos to kitchens to the occasional deck. No one has more experience creating premier outdoor stuff.

But we're passionate about pergolas!

We craft no-maintenance pergolas, often integrating timber, stone and steel, that will look and function as well 10 and 20 years hence as they do the day they're built.  Wood, of course, weathers over time: we've learned how to make that a feature.

We'll bring all that experience to the table as we work together to create the ideal outdoor room. We'll be sure to take into account lighting, shade, size of gatherings, style and many more.

We also fabricate our pergolas as kits for you to assemble and install.

Please don't hesitate to call, text or email.



A well-crafted timber element adds warmth, character and an undeniable link to the natural marvel that is a tree. As it ages and weathers, if exposed to the elements, the wood changes while good artisanship remains.

We design, fabricate and install a full range of items from structural trusses in your great room to a welcoming front entry to gable brackets that add architectural interest to your home or business.

We're happy to consult regarding style, specie of wood, joinery techniques, integrating other materials such as steel, and so forth. We'll work closely with your designer and/or engineer or can provide these services as part of our package.

Please don't hesitate to call, text or email.



Mcgee Greenhouse.jpg

Our greenhouses blend inviting and attractive with the ultimate in functionality.


They're designed specifically for mountain climates and take advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer the dedicated grower: in-ground geo-thermal, passive wall-of-heat storage in cooler seasons, automatic ventilation, etc. We custom design each house and take into account your compass declination and latitude. 

All of this in a very low-maintenance package that will last a lifetime. Or several. 

Please call, text or email to arrange a consultation.


Mcgee Greenhouse.jpg

Exceptionally pleased...

with how this project turned out. I picked Potterman Hollow to build this because I knew from previous dealings that he was an honest person. Travis and his crew were truly exceptional. He thought of everything and kept me informed when we had supply chain issues due to Covid-19.

He built us a four season greenhouse that matches our home perfectly. Thought and effort went in to this project. Exceptional workmanship and top quality all around. I really can’t say enough good about him and his company. If you are in the market for a pergola or a greenhouse or any outdoor structure you can put your trust in Potterman Hollow.

Thank you!

Gregory Mcgee


Area of Service –

Yes, we're based in Idaho Falls. We commonly work a 250-mile radius which includes Salt Lake/Park City to Big Sky/Bozeman and Boise to Jackson Hole. We're happy to fabricate and ship to anywhere.

Home Base –

1275 Mercury Avenue

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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